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Prepare your family for a photo session

We are getting into the holiday spirit and preparing for family photoshoots for new holiday cards! There are a few things you'll need to keep in mind when preparing for your session.

Book your session early

I understand that life happens and sometimes we don't really have time to think about it, but then we are in a rush of finding a photographer, time for a shoot, outfits, props, etc. It's a busy season for a lot of photographers and it's hard to find an available spot later in the game. So give yourself more time!

Plan your outfits ahead of time

We talked about choosing your outfits for fall sessions in my previous blog post (you can check it out here). Usually I recommend to avoid bright and bold colors but for holiday cards colors like red and green will work really well. Just mix them with more neutral colors to complete the look. Coordinate your outfits but don't try to be matchy matchy. Your photos will look much better this way.

Prepare your kids (and your significant other)

Start talking to your kids about upcoming photo session about 1-2 weeks in advance. Involve them into the process of picking the outfits, the theme, make them feel excited about it. The outcome is going to be much better rather than telling them about it the day of. Make sure that kids are fed before the session, they will be in a better mood. If you have small children, try to avoid scheduling your session right before or during your kids nap time. Also it's always a good idea to bring water and snacks just in case and for bribes!

Relax and have fun!

Don't stress yourself out too much. If your kids don't behave the way you want them for a perfect photo, just let it go and embrace it. Kids are just kids, they might not be in a good mood that day or might have a meltdown on the way to a photo shoot or maybe they just need a little bit more time to adjust. We are still going to capture beautiful images, candid and playful shots. Looking back on those photos would you rather remember how you played with your kids, instead of how you were stressed out about their behavior? Let's capture the love and connection between all of you!

Can't wait to see all my families this year again and also see new faces! I hope these tips are going to be helpful for you!

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