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How to pick outfits for your fall family photo session?

It's this time of the year when we are getting ready for fall family photos. You booked your photographer, and then what? Now we need to think about what outfits we should pick. I would recommend to chose one color that you want to use (like maroon, yellow, orange, blue, etc.) and complement it with some neutral tones (beige, white, light neutral colors). Avoid any bright patterns, matching outfits and any neon colors.

This is a photo of my family that we took this fall. It can be a good example of the styling option. We went with the yellow color as the main color and build other outfits to complement it: beige shirts, beige and rust pants for my boys.

Fall Family Photo Outfits Inspiration | Flagstaff, Arizona
Fall Family Photo Outfits Inspiration

Here are a few outfits inspirations you can find on Amazon.

This flowy dress is my favorite pick! I actually ordered the rust color myself. Stay tuned for some photos!

Link: Amoretu Women Summer Tunic Dress


I really like this one as well. It will look great on anyone!

Link: BELONGSCI Women's Dress


If you are looking for a long dress, this might be a great fit. I really like how they paired it with the simple but cute neckless.

Link: Sarin Mathews Womens Off The Shoulder Ruffle Party Dress


This dress has a few varieties and also gives a flowy feel that I like. The off shoulder cut draws attention and really highlights your neck and face. Beautiful feminine look.

Link: ETCYY Women's Off The Shoulder


Ok, somebody please get this dress in this beautiful beige color! Love the way it looks and also can be bump friendly!

Link: Anna-Kaci Womens Casual Boho Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Renaissance Peasant Dress


This dress feels so cozy! Maybe for a little colder weather then right now here is Phoenix. This dress can be a great option for pictures up North or maybe later in December-January timeframe.

Link: PrettyGuide Women's Turtleneck Knit Pullover Long Sleeve Stretch Bodycon Sweater Dress


Let's not forget about the young ladies. Look how cute this dress is! It will work with any other color choice to complete the outfits look.

Link: Bow Dream Off White Peach Vintage Lace Sleeveless Flower Girl's Dress


This dress is super adorable! Perfect for fall sessions!

Link: Toddler Girl Fall Dress


If you don't want to wear a dress, this off shoulder oversized sweater can be a great option. Pair it with jeans, black pants and beige or black boots.

Link: EXLURA Women's Off Shoulder Sweater


I hope these options will help you to style your family to be picture perfect! If you need help, I'm always here to assist! I would love to plan your session with you together!

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