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Exploring Arizona's Diverse Backdrops: Capturing Fall Magic for Family, Maternity, and Portraits

Last week we explored some of the stunning desert backdrops that Arizona has to offer for the Fall family photo session. But Arizona is not all desert and as the Arizona summer weather takes a step back and fall comes knocking, something special fills the air. The whole scene changes – green trees pop up, waterfalls start flowing, grass turns into a lush carpet, and the architecture seems to stand out even more against the new backdrop. It's the perfect time to capture cozy, connected moments. So if the desert vibe is not your thing let's now take a look and explore historic buildings, grassy parks with trees, lush grass, brick walls, and charming waterfalls.

Anthem Community Park


83rd Ave and Jomax Rd


Sahuaro Ranch Park

A photography permit is required - $25 added to the invoice


Surprise City Hall


Ready to book your session? All these locations are included with my Half Session Package great for families, maternity, portraits, and seniors.

Need a desert location-

Ready to book-

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